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Gwent Police is committed to protecting and reassuring its communities and providing the best possible policing service. For us to improve the service we provide it’s essential that we gather as much feedback as possible. This system allows members of the public a quick way of providing honest and transparent feedback about the service they have received.

This online feedback system is one of many forms of feedback Gwent Police uses to understand what we do well and where we need to improve.

Where no supporting comments are added to the star rating, the feedback will be published immediately. Should additional comments be added then there will be a delay in publishing the feedback to allow Gwent Police to respond openly to it. However, Gwent Police reserves the right to amend/delete comments where individuals are identified, inappropriate language is used, or the comments are obviously fabricated.

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Illegal parking.

Illegal parking in prohibited places, double yellow lines,bus bay's, disabled bay's, unloading bay's.

Thank you for raising this matter with us. I will ensure that the information you have provided is forwarded to our local team in Tredegar.

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Service in relation to reporting an incident

Robbery, theft and burglary

No response except to keep saying it was a civil matter. Rudeness from a particular PS .....whole situation a shambles

I am really disappointed to read your message. It would be helpful to be able to speak to you directly to find out more information about this. and why the service was not as you would have expected. My contact details are below if you wish to contact me directly: joanne.bull@gwent.pnn.police.uk

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Contact with a representative of Gwent Police

Just a note to say how professional yet polite and understanding that officer Pimm 641was in dealing with some questions I had raised with him. Credit to the Police Force....

Thank you for you feedback. I have contacted PC PIMM and his supervisor to pass on your regards.

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Recently my 14yr old son was threatened with a large knife by a 16yr old boy. It was reported to the local station ( risca) and the response by staff was to say the least disturbing as it seems staff were not really concerned about the situation. I have sorted out the problem but I am deeply disappointed with gwent polices response. Regards Liz Howells.

Hello Ms Howells Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear you were unhappy with the response you received from staff at Risca Police station. I have asked the local officers to contact you directly to make sure we have all of the necessary information from you and your son and to see if there's anything further we need to can do to help. Kind regards

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Miss information on web site (emais)

Your Gwent now emails states that there is a surgery in Abertridwr today between the hrs of1.00 and 13.00 in the oasis caf1? I went to attend said surgery only to find the caf1? is closed on a Monday. I stayed in the area for some time to see if anyone turned up but no one did. Why is the wrong information posted on your emails and when is the surgery held in Abertridwr or Senghenydd. I have emailed and tried to contact you using your forms online but I have had no reply. What is going on?????

Hello Mr Owen Thank you for your feedback. Apologies if the information provided on our website was inaccurate. I am unsure why this was the case on this occasion but I have asked the neighbourhood team to rectify this and update you as to when the next meetings will be held. Many thanks

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Contact with a representative of Gwent Police

I have reported numerous incidents including illegal parking outside a primary school and a driver using a mobile phone ,to both 101 and contact@Gwent .

Hello Mr Powell, Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry we have not responded to you as you would have liked. If you would like to provide some further information to me at Laura.Bartley@gwent.pnn.police.uk I will look into why this was the case and hopefully provide you with an update. Many thanks

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